What people say

I have been having treatments from Emma for over a year.  She is competent, responsive and capable osteopath.  I feel so enabled after each treatment, very supported and positive.  I would thoroughly recommend her. 

(ST, Blackfen Patient)

Emma is very professional and knowledgeable, using a wide range of treatment techniques to resolve issues.  Every treatment Emma has given me has made a big difference and I have found each one very relaxing. I have full confidence in Emma and find her easy to talk to. She has a lovely way about her that quickly made me feel at ease, comfortable and in safe hands. 

(JH, Blackfen Patient)

I'm very happy to recommend Emma, having been a patient for 18 months, and a very happy customer from day one.  I look forward to our appointments on many levels as I always leave feeling better on many levels!  I came to Emma with several physical issues which have all been addressed; Emma provides immediate and constant healing and I feel like a different person from 18 months ago....like myself again!  I don't know how to recommend Emma strongly enough, she's helped me so much.  I'm honestly so grateful and am very willing to put my name next to Emma's as testimony to her skills, care and attention to my health.

(SK, Blackfen Patient)

Emma was recommended to me by a friend so I went to see her without any expectation really. Emma welcomed me warmly, listened while I tried to explain what I needed and responded intuitively and professionally. Emma's holistic approach to my treatment was skilled and professional and full of compassion and kindness.  After a treatment from Emma I felt physically better and emotionally more balanced - .... I felt like I had more space in my body - ... I noticed how the aches and pains reduced and disappeared - ... I felt better able to stay well - ... I felt more relaxed and able to get on with everyday life - ...I was very happy with the treatment Emma gave me. I would recommend Emma to my friends and family. Emma's intuitive and responsive approach to my treatment meant I seen improvements immediately. 

(PD, Blackfen Patient)

In November 2016 I was being treated at the Blackfen Clinic, having sustained a significant distal-femoral fracture.  It was suggested that I needed to see a Clinical Massage Therapist for soft tissue/scar tissue treatment.  Hence, I was referred and met Emma, who is an amazing, qualified and skilled clinician in this field of treating scar tissue and myofascial release. Emma is calm, sensitive and has a very person-centred focus, who treats holistically.  She is a very competent, supportive and positive person with techniques that not only heal and help physical symptoms but enables the mind, body and soul to respond.  When I leave my hour session, I always feel lifted both physically and emotionally.Functionally, I would not be where I am today without this treatment and for that I will always be grateful to Emma and would not hesitate to recommend her. 

(JM, Blackfen Patient)

I have attended the chiropratic clinic for the last 18 months after suffering from aches and pains. I have to say that the treatment has changed me in so many ways, being positive, enthusiatic and actually feeling more active in my self. The staff are very professional and friendly and make you feel more than welcome. I truly appreciate the fact that they genuinely listen to your concerns. 

(BM, Blackfen Patient)

I took my eleven year old daughter to see Emma as she had woken up with a severe torticollis (wry neck) that had persisted for days. She was prescribed painkillers but was listless and virtually unable to move because of the pain and would not allow anyone to touch her neck. Emma treated my daughter’s neck via her arm. Later  that evening I left a message for Emma saying “I don’t know what you’ve done to my daughter but she’s now happily playing Lego in her room! 

(Sarah E, Hayes)

I came to see Emma at The Body Group after moving to Hong Kong, and have been amazed by the changes she has been able affect in my health. I have my sense of smell back after 20 years, and my PMS has been significantly reduced.

(AA, Hong Kong)

Her passion in natural forms of therapy shows in her work. 

(Caroline Rhodes, Hong Kong)