Medical Case History

Before treatment, a comprehensive medical case history will be taken. This is necessary to understand your full medical needs and to help the osteopath to form a diagnosis. This will happen at your first consultation. 

I will listen and ask questions about your problem, your general health, other medical care you are receiving or medication you are taking. The information you provide will be confidential.

Orthopaedic assessment

You will be asked to dress down for a postural evaluation. Ideally this will mean dressing down to your underwear or shorts and a sports bra if preferred but let me know if you are uncomfortable about this. Gowns are also provided.

You will be asked to make simple movements and stretches to observe your posture and movement. Because of the body's structure, pain or stiffness you are experiencing in one part may be linked to a problem somewhere else.


Following your examination, I will spend some time explaining your current problem, how it developed and how I can help correct it. With your consent, treatment can then begin. 

Treatment is hands-on and involves joint mobilisation, muscle stretching, massage and, if appropriate, manipulation, which involves putting some pressure on a joint in the form of a thrust in order to mobilise the joint and improve movement and function.